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Why Choose a Boiler Stove Instead of a Non Boiler Stove

When it comes to their capacity for heating water Wood burning stove comes in two styles Boiler and Non-Boiler. When investing in a new stove, it is important to know if you want your stove to be able to heat water or just heat a room.

Boiler Stove

Heating water in your home with your stove is possible when you choose a wood burning stove or multi fuel which has a boiler built into it.

By using one of these you can have both

· a wood burning stove which will heat up the room it is placed in,

· and a boiler which can run central heating radiators in other rooms of the house.

Heating a whole house with a wood burning boiler stove is an increasingly popular option especially in the UK and Ireland.

A boiler wood burning stove can give your family plenty of hot water, as well as running a complete central heating system. A boiler stove or back boiler can either be used to simply heat water, or to simply heat the room, or heat the water, the radiators, and the room.

Boiler stoves either have a built in boiler or an external boiler fitted on the back of the stove body. This boiler is usually in the form of a jacket. The boiler takes heat produced by the burning fuel to heat the water as it passes through it. As the water is heated up it rises up and cold water is drawn in. It is necessary to have a gravity fed or heating system to allow this to happen.

By heating your home by burning wood as fuel instead of gas (which is not good for the environment), you can be sure that you are reducing your CO2 emission, a very eco-friendly approach, which is important especially now that global warming is a major problem.

Advantages of using a Wood Burning Boiler stove

  • Save money - beat rising gas and oil prices.

  • Become fuel independent by using locally grown firewood.

  • Drastically cut your CO2 emissions.

  • Increase your fuel security. Gas and oil prices are rising steeply and are likely to continue to do so.

  • Sitting around a real wood fire with friends and family is one of the coziest things in life.

Boiler Stoves feed into the central heating system of a house. The heat from the fire, heats the water which then travels round the house and into each radiator. Different sizes of boilers heat different number of radiators. The higher the kW output, the more radiators they heat.

Non Boiler Stove

Non boiler stoves don't have a facility to heat water. They are mainly used to heat the room they are placed in. This usually means that they are cheaper than their Boiler stove equivalent for a similar kW output.

A boiler stove is a wood burning or multi-fuel stove with a boiler to help produce hot water on your home. A non-boiler stove is a stove without this feature.

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