Aqualisa have pioneered many of the ways in which the UK showers over the past 40 years, they’ve always understood what it truly means to have a great shower. They know that a great shower does you a world of good and that's why Aqualisa have never settled for an OK one.

Through Aqualisa’s ranges of electric, digital and mixer showers they've taken everything they knew about showers and rebuilt better showers. Time and time again.

In 2001 you told Aqualisa that having to stand under the shower before turning it on didn't feel right, so we made you a remote control. No more wet arm!

Now Aqualisa are doing it again. Our showers are evolving every year and the best is yet to come. Aqualisa mean it when they say that they're obsessed with showers so next time you are looking to buy a shower, remember Aqualisa and we'll make sure yours is great too. Every single time.