Make sure your stove is working efficiently and effectively by maintaining and repairing it when needed. Your stove works hard to keep you warm and inevitably parts do wear out over time and after lots of usage. 

This is why here at Mullen Domestic we also stock a range of stove spares so that you can ensure that whether you own a wood burning or multi fuel stove and whether it is an inset, cassette, central air intake or boiler stove it is always in tip-top condition.

This is the place to come for your replacement door rope seals, grates, glass, log retainers, riddler centers and brick liners. 

Just like the rest of Mullen Domestic's products, no matter whether you've bought something as large as a new double sided multi fuel stove or as small as replacement door rope seal, a stove flue or an ash caddy, we are just as happy if you visit us in our Enniskillen showroom as we are to deliver to anywhere in the UK, Ireland and Northern Ireland.