Fire Fox 5 Multi Fuel Stove 5kwWood or Coal? Which is Right for You?

We carry a wide range of both wood burners and multi-fuel (coal) stoves. Whilst wood burning stoves are only suited for burning wood, a multi-fuel or coal stove can burn both wood and coal as they have a grate which will collect the additional ash that is created when coal burns.

Both types are attractive and come in a wide range of styles and sizes to suit every type of home, so whether you’re looking for a contemporary stove with clean lines, a rustic looking stove to suit a country cottage, a curvaceous Art Deco type stove for an early twentieth century home or a traditional stove that would suit a Victorian terrace, you’ll be sure to find something that will make an attractive focal point for your living space.

The other great thing about wood and coal burning stoves is that they are more eco-friendly than gas or electric and should be much cheaper to run too. What’s not to love about that? But what is the difference between the two types of fuel and which one should you opt for? 

Wood Burning StovesLotus 2260 Stove

Using wood as a fuel instead of gas or electricity will very likely save you hundreds of pounds on your heating costs.  They also create a cosy atmosphere in your home and look wonderful, particularly if you buy one that suits your décor or your style of house.

Wood fuel is either in log form or in pellets, depending on the type of stove you choose so you should make sure that you’re buying the right type before using your stove for the first time. Burning wood is naturally greener than burning fossil fuels like coal because it is carbon-neutral. This means that because the carbon that is released when the wood burns has been offset by the carbon absorbed while the tree was alive it has a net carbon footprint of zero. Of course this does also mean that you are burning tree wood so to be as environmentally friendly as possible we suggest making sure your wood comes from a sustainable source or even that you collect it yourself if you live in the countryside.


One thing to check before you buy a wood burning stove is whether or not you live in a smoke controlled area as designated by the Clean Air legislation which places restrictions in some parts of the country. If you do inhabit one of these locations you will need to check that your stove is compliant with any regulations. You should also make sure you have a damp free and relatively airy space to keep your stock of wood in as it should be completely dry before you burn it.

Villager Puffin 4Multi-Fuel or Coal Stoves

Multi-fuel stoves are versatile in that they can burn both wood and coal however you should burn one or the other and not both at the same time. As with wood burners, they look homely and provide a lovely centerpiece in whichever room they are installed in.

There are a couple of things to bear in mind when deciding whether to choose a coal or multi-fuel stove including the fact that your chimney should be checked on a regular basis to ensure safe and efficient operation. This is because the gases that a coal stove releases can corrode your chimney over time so you should schedule a professional cleaning and maintenance inspection once a year at least.

A coal burning stove also produces a lot more ash than when you’re burning wood and you should always make sure you empty the ash pan before you re-light your stove. The ashes need to be kept in a fireproof container that has a lid away from anything flammable or explosive. You also need to let your ashes cool down before you place them in the container and throw them away. 


Do you only want to burn wood or do you like the idea of being able to switch between coal and wood? Ultimately the decision is yours but whether you decide to go for a wood burning stove or a multi-fuel stove that can burn both wood and coal, whatever type of stove you choose it always pays to speak to a professional who will be happy to give you their opinion on what will work best for you.