So, without further ado, and in no particular order, here is Mullen Domestic’s list of the top 5 reasons why you should consider purchasing a wood burner.

The top 5 reasons why a wood burner is a wonderful addition to your home

Aduro Asgård 8 Wood Burning Stove1)      Wood burning stoves are eco-friendly. Wood burning stoves have become a lot more popular recently as more and more of us adopt a greener and more environmentally conscious lifestyle. We realize that leaving the smallest carbon footprint possible on the earth is of increasing importance and using wood as a fuel is a very good way to embrace this ethos as it allows you to warm your home with a heat that is almost carbon neutral.

Of course collecting your own firewood is ideal but if this isn’t possible you should try and make sure that wherever possible you buy your wood from a local supplier who only stocks timber that is harvested from trees in a sustainable manner. The greater positive impact these trees have on the local environment, the better too. Just bear in mind that the dryer the wood the better the heat output will be when you burn it. At Mullen Domestic we recommend that your logs don’t have a higher moisture content than 20%.

2)      Wood burning stoves are economical. Who doesn’t want to save money on their gas or electricity bill? Wood costs considerably less than gas, electricity or oil and of course if you can collect all, or at least some, of your wood supply you’ll be saving even more money. Generally speaking there are two ways of collecting wood; of course you can collect it yourself from surrounding countryside (if you live somewhere rural or with woods or forests in easy reach) or you can find it in the form of scrap timber.

Wood burners themselves also have cost advantages over open fireplaces. This is because the fire is enclosed so they are far more efficient when it comes to converting fuel to heat. A typical wood burning stove can be up to 60% more efficient than an open fireplace. An open fire being around 20% energy efficient whilst a wood burner is usually 70 to 80%. The other obvious plus is that the heat generated will warm your room and not disappear up your chimney. Not only that but you can also leave them burning without worrying that sparks are going to fly out and burn holes in your carpet or rug!

3)      Wood burners are dependable. A lot of us rely on just one, possibly two, forms of heating; typically gas and/or electricity. But what happens when there’s a power cut or your boiler breaks down? Your wood burning stove will step in and save the day, providing a reliable and practical back-up source of heat. You’ll even be able to boil water if you place a kettle on it or try opening the door and you’ll be able to make toast or toasted marshmallows!

4)      Wood burners come in all shapes and sizes. You may think that a wood burning stove will only work in a traditional cottage or farmhouse style setting. Think again. Wood burners come in a huge range of styles and with different heat outputs. Traditional, Art Deco, sleek and modern – you really can find a wood burning stove to suit any home no matter whether you live in a rustic barn conversion, a minimalist flat or a terraced family home. In fact you might find that you’re spoilt for choice!

5)      Wood burning stoves make a beautiful focal feature in your home. The feel good factor of a wood burner cannot be underestimated, especially in our often damp and grey climate! When you light a wood burning stove you’re instantly filling your room with not just heat but a warming glow too. You will very likely find that whichever room you install your stove in will become the place that your family gravitates towards. They’re great conversation pieces too and will add value and style to your home, as well as that much needed dose of warmth that we all need over the colder months.

There are lots more wonderful reasons that we can think of for buying a wood burner but we’ll let you go now as hopefully we’ve tempted you enough to go and take a look at some of the fantastic offers we have in our online store!