Triton T80Z Electric Shower White and Chrome - SP8007ZWhile there are mornings when all we need to do is have a quick shower and then go to work, do the school run or any of the other things our busy lives entail there are definitely those times when having a shower should be an enjoyable, relaxing or invigorating experience. And you can’t achieve that when you have a measly dripping excuse of a shower installed in your bathroom!

So if your thoughts have turned to thinking about installing a new shower what are the things you need to know? Well all showers are not created equal and there are different systems that suit different homes and situations. But what are they and what do different types of showers actually do and how do they operate? Read on as we take a look.

Electric, Electric Pump or Power Shower. There’s a Difference?

Before you rush out and buy a new shower for your bathroom there are a few things to take into consideration first.  Number one is you need to check your water pressure. You also need to think about how much space you have in your bathroom. Once you’ve thought about this you can then decide whether you would like an electric, an electric pump or a power shower.

Water Pressure

First of all, check your water pressure. You need to find out what type of hot water supply you have because this will influence your decision about the shower you choose.

If you have a combination boiler this will give you the highest possible water pressure so you can use this with an electric shower but not a power shower, as electrics need hot and cold water supplies to be of equal pressure for a pleasant showering experience.

If you have a low-pressure gravity-fed water system, which means your hot water is stored in a tank in the airing cupboard then you will be able to have a fairly powerful shower providing there is at least a 1 meter drop from the bottom of your cold water tank to the top of the shower head. If the drop is less you can raise the cold tank by placing it on a platform. If that isn’t possible look into adding a pump to the tank which will boost the water pressure – or opt for a power shower that has an inbuilt pump so you can still experience powerful showering action.

If you have questions about determining your water pressure you can always give us a call here at Mullen Domestic as one of our team will be more than happy to help.

What Type of Shower Should I Choose?

Triton AS2000XT Power Shower - TAS2000XTHMPower Showers

If you have low water pressure you might want to give yourself a little more power! Power showers are easy to use and work by mixing hot and cold water together so the ideal temperature is achieved. The rate that the water flows at is boosted with an electric pump. With a power shower you have better control over the temperature and pressure of the water than with a mixer or electric shower. On the downside a power shower uses nearly three times as much water as a regular electric shower, so you will need to factor this in when it comes to paying your electricity and water bills.

Electric showers

An electric shower is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a budget friendly option. These showers take their water from your cold water supply and only heat the amount of water that you use per shower. This saves you money and is good for homes that see a lot of bathroom traffic! If you’re looking at an electric shower then bear in mind that the greater the shower's KW rating the higher the flow of water at the desired temperature is. Some models also have stabilizers which make sure that the temperature and water supply don’t fluctuate if someone is using water somewhere else in your house. Electric showers work with all types of water systems too.

Electric Pump Showers

An electric pump shower differs slightly to a standard electric shower in that it is gravity fed from the cold water storage tank in your loft or attic. A pump enables your shower to generate the water pressure that gives you a great showering experience. It also means that this type of shower is a little more expensive than a regular electric shower but it’s great if you have low water pressure in your area. Like a pumpless electric shower there will be no fluctuation of water pressure or temperature.