It appears that we never really have sufficient storage. If you walk into somebody else's kitchen or bathroom and notice there is not an item falling out of place, what will come to your mind? Will you admire? Will it make you feel uncomfortable? Some guilt that your space is not as spotless?

The bottom line is, people will react differently to such an encounter. Some will believe they cannot have such degree of tidiness while others will immediately wake up to the possibility of adopting the person’s style. Some, however, will not be able to recognize the secret recipe that has made that space look so good.

Do not wait to meet another person’s immaculate bathroom to wake you up. Your bathroom should be among the easiest rooms to permanently get tidy if you pick the right storage ideas.  With these tips, you can get yourself an elegant bathroom storage that calls for admiration.

Utilize the wall

Bauhaus Glide II 100 Unit and Basin in Calico - GL1000DCC

You may notice that however much you try to put things in order, they just keep falling out of place. Bathroom storage all 

boils down to organization. While the typical over-the-toilet shelf is a common trend, it is not the only storage method. You will often find the shelf getting easily overcrowded with his shaving cream, the baby’s toys, your makeup, and you are left wondering how to partition the space.

Creativity is the order of today’s bathroom storage. And equipment manufacturers and suppliers are making it easier for you. While most folk look at their bathroom floor space and get frustrated at how they could best utilize it for storage, they forget the wall. Bathroom walls are quite bare, and therefore, provide a great space to attach storage items that include towel racks, shelving, towel rails, as well as a wall cabinet.

Also, while different people may prefer floor standing vanity units considering its stability, today there are a number of wall hung vanity units that help you save space and get lasting stability at the same time. They don’t have to be left protruding out within your bathroom space; you can have these vanity units fit into the wall to take little space.

Here are some samples to consider:

Combine cabinet and shelves

If you keep having a problem with your surplus clutter, then just an over toilet shelf will not be enough. Consider a mix of that shelf and an inbuilt wall cabinet to resolve the issue.

You may have your wall shelf fixed above the toilet for all the regular toiletries. And then the inbuilt wall cabinet can be used to store the surplus and ease off the space problem. These can be easily assembled in-house. You can alternatively buy the readily assembled cabinets that come ready for use. They are such a quick fix for your bathroom storage problems.

Depending on your taste, you will get a variety of these cabinets to go along with your shelf. If you prefer to upgrade your existing shelf as well, you can always find over-toilet shelves that suitably match the existing décor of your bathroom.

There are both metal and wood shelves to choose from. These exist in a variety of finishes and quality to match your budget and bathroom.

With the combination of these over-toilet shelves and wall cabinets, you can be assured of the best looking bathroom; sleek and free of clutter. You will realize it is not as difficult as you might have thought to bring to your space that showroom look. 

There are amazing varieties of high-quality bathroom cabinets whose design will match the shelf and fit your lifestyle. These are available via most online stores, and some can be found in local stores. The best way to start looking is online. There you can always compare different prices and find a sleek, modern aluminum cabinet at prices you can afford. Alternatively you can go for something a lot more traditional, made of wood.

These cabinets will mostly come with ready built in mirrors, often on both the cabinet doors. If you search for them online, you can be sure to get huge price savings.

ROMAqua Stainsby mirror unit and cabinet - stainsby-mirror-cabinet

For a bigger family with lots of bathroom stuff to use from time to time, consider some tall cabinets, preferably a meter and a half in height. This doesn’t have to be fixed into the wall to save space. It can be placed somewhere within your bathroom and still save a lot on space.

Have a look:

Cluster similar items

One of the main reasons we get things all over the place is when they are mixed up. You don’t want the kids browsing through your makeup in search of their toys, do you?

The surest way out is to group your makeup together, separate from the rest of the stuff. Have the medicines put separately and the toiletries in easy-to-access shelves or drawers. You can use wire or plastic dividers to sort them.

There is no fixed budget rule for storage solutions. They can range from low-priced drawer dividers to improved contemporary cabinetry. Your budget will say what you go for.

Removable drawers are an interesting resolution in bathroom spaces. They can be put on your counter and tucked away, making them quite handy.

Get a WC Unit with a shelf behind

There are modern WC units that are not just sleek and perfectly streamlined; they come with a consideration for space as well. With their advantage of a sleek shelf to the rear, you have space for items like spare toilet rolls. It also serves as a decorative surface for your bathroom.

Even a better feature, these new units have their cistern disguised for style and space saving. You do not have to put the cistern behind a fake wall. The feature also makes it much easier to access the cistern in case you want it repaired.

With these ideas, you have the right formula to get yourself the most elegant and well-organized bathroom.