NR Series Basin Taps - NR001Changing the taps in your bathroom is a relatively simple and a budget friendly way of giving your bathroom a new and updated look. If your current taps are dull, rusty or just plain old fashioned even if they’re attached to a clean sink or shiny new tiles, then they can really affect the overall appearance of your bathroom. And not only that but if you have older or outdated taps you may even be preventing your water supply from running as smoothly as it could be. And what this means is that you can be waiting for clean water for longer when you turn the taps on and you could even be paying more than is necessary for your water bills as well.

By accessorizing your sink, bath or shower with a great set of taps you can really add the finishing touch to your bathroom suite.  At Mullen Domestic we have a stylish range of taps that tick all the boxes when it comes to being good-looking as well as functional – after all, why shouldn’t you have it all! With our taps you’ll be able to create a stylish bathroom – and an efficient one.

Our bathroom taps come in a wide range of styles and designs so no matter whether you have a country cottage style bathroom, a Victorian terraced home or a modern loft conversion you’ll find traditional, classical, art deco or sleek minimalist taps among our wide range.

So, without further ado let’s take a look at how you can update your bathroom, en suite or downstairs toilet with our handy tap changing guide.

First Things First: How Do I Choose New Taps for my Bathroom?

If you look around you’ll probably notice that it's perfectly possible to spend a little or a lot for new taps! At Mullen Domestic you can be assured that you’re paying for the leading brands in the bathroom fixtures and fittings market. So if you know you’re buying a brand that will not only last but will work well and look great too, ultimately the taps you choose come down to a matter of personal taste and the style of your home or your bathroom.

Twin Handle Mono Basin Mixer - CB009What Do I Need to Change my Bathroom Taps?

  • New taps!
  • Adjustable shifter
  • Screwdriver

Of course you can change your taps in your shower, bath or in your sink but this article focuses on how to change the taps in your bathroom sink.

  1. Before you start anything you need to turn off your water supply! Do this at the mains and once done, turn on the sink taps (or whichever taps you are changing) and let the water drain from the pipes. Once the pipes are empty and the water stops flowing you’re good to go.
  2. Except…it’s a good idea to remove anything that is in the cupboard under your sink, if you have one. You could also make sure you can see what you’re doing when you’re removing and replacing your taps so if you’re working inside a cupboard or your bathroom is dark, grab yourself a lamp or other decent light source so you can see what you’re doing down there!
  3. Next you need to remove your current taps. Do this by undoing the indicator cap at the top of the tap. Some taps have an extra screw under the cap and you’ll need a screwdriver to undo this. Once the cap is off you need to remove the handle and unscrew the cover plate. To remove the spindle make sure your tap is in the ‘open’ position and twist it off. When you’ve taken the taps off you’ll probably want to give the sink a good clean where they’ve been sitting.
  4. It’s time to replace your taps. This is actually pretty simple because all you need to do is to do the above steps but in the reverse order: put the spindle into the hole, then the cover plate, handle and the indicator cap. Then just turn the water back on at the mains and let the water run for about a minute to clear the pipes. If there’s any water leaking or dripping around the taps you’ll need to tighten the screws and then check again.

And there you have it, in just a few minutes you’ll have brand new taps and a newer fresher looking bathroom that’s ready to see in the rest of 2014 – and many more years to come!