Well, fear not because there is a way to make sure that the man in red can get down your chimney and leave your presents under the tree – whether you have an open hearth or not - here's our advice: Santa Got Stuck Up the Chimney

  • If Santa is landing his sleigh on the roof, make sure your roof is in good condition. You don't want Santa landing in through the ceiling.
  • Make sure that the there isn't a blazing fire in your stove when you go to bed. Santa wouldn't like a burnt bum!
  • Make sure your flue or chimney is clean so Santa's nice red suit doesn't get dirty.
  • Check your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are working in case Santa's fat belly gets stuck up the chimney after eating all those mince pies.

We know that traditionally Santa always came down the chimney and landed in an open fireplace but there’s no reason that we can think of why he shouldn’t be able to come down your chimney if you have a wood burning stove either!

After all with the wide range of fires that homes now have, from open hearths to gas and electric fires and the increasingly popular wood burners, good old Santa has been having to think on his feet for quite some time now.

Let’s face it - Santa is good at his job and by now he knows what he’s doing – or you would hope so anyway! – so we’re confident that if you have a wood burning stove you’ll be absolutely fine and you will still get your presents. And that’s even if you have your stove lit!

Just follow the guidelines above and make sure your wood burner is clean and safe, and you’ll have a wonderful, warm family Christmas – and Santa won’t get soot all over his suit.