If you are a lovey-dovey, romantic or just plain soppy type and you’re planning something special for St. Valentine’s Day the bathroom may not be the first place that springs to mind when thinking of spending some quality time with your beloved.

Maybe you’re going out for a romantic tete-a-tete at a favourite restaurant or maybe you’re staying in and wowing your special someone with a home cooked meal. Either way you’ll no doubt end the evening in the bedroom, but on your way there, why not pay a visit to the bathroom? And by that we mean something a little bit more romantic than simply going to the loo whilst your partner cleans his or her teeth!

Turning your bathroom into romance central doesn’t have to cost the earth – all you need are a few ideas – and a whole lotta love. So, you’ve got the love part down but you’re lacking in ideas? Not to worry, Mullen Domestic is here to help. You can just call us Cupid!

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at a few ways you can turn your bathroom into the hottest place to be this cold, damp February.

Rose petals. Good old rose petals, where would any would be love bird be without them? But forget American Beauty because this is your staring moment. Try scattering rose petals around your bathtub, perhaps even laying a trail from your bedroom or from downstairs. Faux rose petals are easily purchased online or in gift and craft shops. Unless you really want to express yourself with real petals of course, but we only recommend that if money really is no object!

Candles.  Of course once you’ve scattered your petals you’ll want to create a romantic atmosphere with the lighting. Grab some candles or teas lights and arrange them around the bathroom. The flickering shadows on the walls will be alluring and yet also flattering – something many of us will appreciate! And added tip: use glass vases, jars or votives to hold your candles or tea lights: it’s safer and will stop dripping wax ruining surfaces. Add bubbles – both in the bath and the drinkable variety and you’re all set for a night of passion.

Bath towels.  If you have a shower but no bath, you don’t need to miss out. Soggy rose petals in the shower tray may be a bit of a turn off but how about replacing your usual bath and face towels with pink or red ones? Sure, they might not match your usual décor, but so what - it’ll just make your declaration of love stand out more.

Heart shaped soap. Cheaper than replacing your towels, filling a pretty glass dish or jar with some heart shaped soaps will add a subtle romantic air to your bathroom without costing the earth or being over the top. They’re useful too! Similarly you could fill a matching dish with some of your left over rose petals too. Try adding a few drops of aromatherapy oil for an added scent.

Love letters. Surprise your other (better?!) half in the morning with a handwritten love letter on the mirror. If you’re quick you can do it in the steamed over mirror – but let’s be honest, that hardly qualifies as pulling out all the stops. So why not go all out by buying a decorative marker pen that you can use on, and wipe off, glass. If you want to really make an impression (and make the most of your new pen) why not try leaving a love note or even just a couple of words throughout the year. Go on – it’ll earn you Brownie points, we promise.

Heart shaped frames. If it’s not just the two of you sharing your home and you have children too, why not involve the whole family by placing treasured photos in heart shaped frames and placing them in the bathroom. Many homes don’t feature family photos in this room so this will make a striking addition – and a romantic one – to your home.

So there you have it, just a few easy and inexpensive ways to inject a little romance into ‘the smallest room’ this February. They won’t take much effort but they’re bound to bring a lot of joy. And let’s face it, in cold, grey February we could all use a little cheering up with some heartwarming colours and a little flush of romance. So go on – what have you got to lose?