So, in the interests of staying warm and dry and enjoying the time you spend at home instead of shivering on the sofa this winter we thought we’d take a look at some sensible options for living through the colder months.

After all, shivering at home is not just unpleasant but it can potentially threaten your health, leading to flu, coughs and colds and even depression. In older people, children and the unwell it can also have far more potentially dangerous knock on effects and actually cause strokes, hypothermia and hearts attacks.

How to Keep Warm this Winter if your Home is Cold

Stovax Stockton 7 Wood Burning Stove1. Eat sensibly and eat the right foods. Food is a crucial source of energy for the body and this in turn helps to keep you warm and insulated from the inside.  Keep warm by eating hot meals that contain carbs and by drinking warm drinks at regular intervals throughout the day.

2. Of course we all like spending time in front of our favourite soap opera or DVD box set but if you can keep active around the home then you’ll naturally stay warmer. Feeling the chill? Do you have a wardrobe that could do with a sort out or a spare bedroom that could use a little organizing? Get to it!

3. Wrap up warm both when you’re indoors and outside. Staying warm the whole day through will make you less likely to get chilly when you head home if you’ve been outside. Wear multiple thin layers of clothing too rather than one chunky cardigan or sweater as warm air will be trapped between the layers.

4. When buying clothes or getting dressed in the morning try and stick to garments that are made from wool, cotton or a fleecy fabric. These will keep you warmer than synthetic fabrics such as polyester or nylon.

5. As soon as it gets dark, close your curtains as this will stop the heat escaping from your home and from draughts coming in.

6. You’ll probably already have made sure all the windows are closed but what about your internal doors too? Make the effort to close them when it’s cold as this keeps heat confined inside the home.

7. We lose a lot of body heat through our heads and necks so if you’re feeling the chill, even if you’re inside the house it can be worth wearing a hat and scarf! And that goes for when you’re in bed too.

8. If you’re sitting on the couch cover yourself with a warm shawl or blanket for added extra warmth. Another good tip is to keep your feet up – this is because the air is cooler at ground level.

9. Being cold in bed is horrible so don’t be afraid to layer up here too. If you feel like you need it, try wearing thermal underwear- and don’t forget your bed socks!

10. Think about installing a wood burning stove in the room or rooms you spend the most time in. These are a wonderful source of heat, plus the warm, enticing glow adds the illusion of extra warmth and creates a welcoming and cheerful atmosphere in your home.

11. Get a keyhole cover. Simple but effective – and cheap too. It should only cost a couple of quid and it will stop cold draughts whistling through your doors.

12. Go back to basics with the classic sausage dog draught excluder. This will drastically reduce the amount of cold air that comes into your home from under external doors. Likewise try fitting thermal linings to your curtains as this will be a big help in keeping the heat inside too.

These are just some of the ways you can keep warm in a cold house this winter. And while we’re on the subject can we also take this opportunity to ask you to please keep an eye on older neighbours and relatives to make sure they're safe and well too?

Just a few minutes of your time spent making sure they're warm enough and have enough food (and any medication that they need to take) could quite literally be the difference between life and death this winter. If you have an elderly neighbor that you’re concerned about try contacting your local council for assistance.

Stay warm!